Custom Breeding


Dedicated Area

  • 400 (OR) 250 Sq.ft with Cage Systems (IVC or Open), LAF & Weighing Balance
  • AAALAC International accredited and GLP certified
  • Temp., Humidity, Pressure, Air Changes, LUX and Sound controlled
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (Incl. DG set on demand)
  • Restricted Access Control


  • Model Design & Generation – Cyagen Biosciences, Inc
  • Traditional, Mutant (or) Genetically Modified (KO/KI)
  • Maintenance (or) Expansion


  • Individual animal identification
  • Mating as per the recommended breeding scheme
  • Identification and Separation of pregnant females and weaning
  • Selection of breeders for next generation breeding

Health & Genetics

  • Genotyping using PCR or RT-PCR
  • Comprehensive Health Monitoring Program


  • Door delivery of cohorts (incl. exports)
  • Dedicated staff incl. Veterinarian and a Project Manager
  • Record maintenance
  • Project Plan driven with weekly updates